Cascading select inside a repeat (XLSform)

I keep on getting the error:

XPath evaluation: type mismatch...
You may need to use the indexed-repeat() function to specify which value you want

Stuck for 5 hours until I found the solution from various different post. My choice_filter is set ${Q64.1}. When I changed it to current()/Q64.1 everything went fine.

Apparently this xml code is being generated:

<itemset nodeset="instance('food_item')/root/item[food_category= /uct_form/S8/T11/Q64.1 ]">

instead of this one:

<itemset nodeset="instance('food_item')/root/item[food_category=current()/Q64.1]">

I’m not yet sure if XLSform or ODK is at fault. I’m just happy to get it working again.